Dr. Md. Ali Ashraf
Dr. Md. Ali Ashraf

Professor Contact No : +8801718353743
Department of Farm Structure and Environmental Engg. Email : ashraf.bau.bd@gmail.com
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Kyoto University
Iwate University
M. S. Agricultural Machinery
Iwate University
M.Sc. Farm Structure
Bangladesh Agricultural University
B. Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Hons)
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Dhaka Board
Rajshahi Board
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Total Number:  12
  • Three months training on Advanced Web-based Application Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework, jQuery and VueJS, organized at Pencil box, a co-partner of BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM), Kawranbazar, Dhaka
  • Seven days training on Virtual Class Room Support and Management organized at the Kent State University and Ohio Stae University of the USA, arranged by the World Bank and OARnet of the USA
  • Three days training on Digital Field Surveying, organized at Khulna University
  • Five days training on Installing, customizing and managing Library automation software Koha, DSpace and VuFind, organized at BRAC University, Dhaka
  • Three days training on Digital Library management system, organized at KUET (Khulna University of Engineering & Technology), Khulna
  • One week training on Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development (CIARD) and Strengthening RAIS is SAARC countries as SAARC-Agricultural Center, organized at BARC, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Two weeks training on Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation, organized in OIC Center (COMSTECH), Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Two weeks Training on Teaching Methodology, organized at Graduate Training Institute (GTI) of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)
  • Two weeks Training on Research Methodology, organized at Graduate Training Institute (GTI)
  • Five days training on Statistical Methods in Research, organized at GTI of BAU
  • Ten days training on Project Cycle Management, organized at GTI of BAU
  • Two weeks training on Computer Fundamentals, organized by the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, BAU
06/21/1993 - 06/07/1996
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Assistant Professor
06/08/1996 - 01/27/2004
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Associate Professor
01/28/2004 - 01/27/2008
Bangladesh Agricultural University
01/28/2008 -
Total Number:  30

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